About Russell


Striving to help others from all walks of life understand the human experience through the art of film-making. 
My goal in film is to create acceptance, deference and understanding of all humankind through the universal language of cinema.  
My enthusiasm and commitment to excellence has served me well through my academic and professional experiences. Through my academic career I have acquired an extensive experience working with and serving diverse groups of people. I was given the opportunity to significantly develop my people and organizational skills while working as both a student and Big Ten Network team leader at Purdue University. My studies at Purdue University revolved around team projects but the projects still allowed independent creativity. This permitted me to hone my skills in being a constructive and productive participant in the production process. As a casting assistant and director at Hollywood Casting and Film, I have gained significant real world work experience in assembling and directing artistic individuals from concept inception, casting, and direction on the production process. Through these challenging and fulfilling experiences I have gained insight and understanding of the importance of being a humble and organized team leader, while displaying confidence in the production process as well as being a considerate team player. My academic and practical experiences have taught me the importance of being fully committed to the proper completion of projects and of being considered by my colleagues a dependable team member.